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How To Develop Concentration
By: Priya Devi R

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Concentration plays the key role for success in endeavors. The lack of concentration can mar the quality of the task undertaken or can spoil the whole task. Lets look into some important details in points for developing concentration skills.

  • Before undertaking a task come to terms with yourself that you would complete the task at any cost
  • Allot a no interruption time period for the completion of the work including phone calls.
  • Compel yourself for the closure of the job undertaken and be satisfied only with the 100% completion of the task
  • Engage yourself in a game like chess or Chinese checkers and play it alone.
  • Play a card game alone on your own.
  • Mark a point on a board or a wall and keeping staring at it without blinking. Let tears roll down your cheeks. Slowly close your eyes. Repeat again. Over a period of time you will realize that you are focused and can concentrate.
  • Light a candle in a dark room and place it at eye level. Fix your gaze on the tip of the flame. Slowly close your eyes. Repeat again. Over a period of time you will realize that you are focused and can concentrate
  • Word games like crosswords can help in monitoring your thoughts in the desired direction, thereby enhancing your concentration.
  • Solving puzzles can also help in arranging the train of thoughts on the undertaken job.
  • Mediation is the best way to develop concentration
  • If your mind does not succumb to meditation in the beginning adhere to repeat your chosen deity's name for a fixed period.
  • Another easy way is to try to concentrate on your breath as you breathe in and breathe out.
  • Spend your leisure time in your garden or a secluded place and try watching your thoughts. You will find them disappearing as and when you look at them. In other words, think, what you are thinking.
  • Last but not the least motivate yourself to achieve your ideals and concentration will follow suit.

But however, do not get disturbed if you are unable to pick up concentration soon as your mind is accustomed to wandering and will take some time to settle down. But this itself should not become the reason to delay the whole process. The amount of effort put in by you to develop concentration depends on how well you concentrate in doing it! Try hard and you are sure to succeed.

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