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Google's earphones can translate languages
Be your child’s first career guide

Failing CAT is not the end of the world
Testing times on NEET
CBSE for compulsory Class X board exams from 2018
Beat the Board exam blues
Want to study in Oxford? Go to France
Want to See How Celebrities Really Live?
Zuckerberg Comes 2nd to This Highest Paid CEO

Benefits of Sea Swimming

Free Timer/AH/Table topics/wordmaster mobile app

Motivational story: Vanilla Ice cream
Voice typing: Voice recognition software

Oman: Pebble Beach
Inspirational story : No person is useless

Tourist spots: Al Baleed Park , Salalah, Oman

Intel Compute Stick that converts your TV into a Computer
Crime & Punishment
Health in your hands

Changes: UPSC ( IAS ) Civil Service Exam 2015
How to retain Single mobile number portability: step-by-step guide
How to get more Likes on Facebook?
List of Civil Service ( IAS ) toppers and interviews

Health tips for Employees
Inspiring story: Reaction or response?
Best locations for free Cloud storage
How to identify and exchange pre-2005 currency notes?
Govt.Guidelines to protect Good Samaritans soon
Google mail new feature: You can Undo send messages

Inspiration: My Wife Does Not Work !
9 Top Foods To Boost Your Brainpower
Inspiring story: Change your Bad habits
7 Tricks to Improve Your Memory

What makes a good leader ?
Scholarship News
Thinking of Changing Careers? Here’s How to Get Started.
How to become CEO: Chief Executive Officer
Google maps adds Railway timings & Bus routs

Lack of Sleep Promotes Alzheimer’s
Study confirms coffee can ward off breast cancer
Here's how to identify types of headaches
Gateway to memory in brain found
Brain goes silent when we talk loud

Oman useful  information : Legal Queries : Does the company have the right to reject the interim leave applications of their employees and more questions
STORY TO BROOD UPON : Be honest. What do you make?

Cucumber  to fight diabetes, cancer
Moral stories: Never judge anyone
Akbar & Birbal: A witty answer will serve its purpose.

What is Art Therapy ?
Resident card renewal  in Oman is easy now
Plan to collect garbage from doorsteps in Muscat
Vishnusahsranamam is more popular than Gita

Allergies and Sore Throat: Treating the Cause
Story to brood upon: Be honest. What do you make?

Important Tips for House Construction
How To Build A Raft Foundation In Silty Soils

Glass facades, glass windows, glass panels
MBA graduates preferring public sector jobs
Hot Weather Concrete Construction
Home buyer's first lesson
Inspirational story: Keep your dream
Club officer roles and responsibilities
Tallest statues in the world: Lord Siva
Inspirational story: Encouragement
Role of Concrete Curing

Device that uses a magnet to clean bad blood
Landscaping terms and definitions:
CAT: 3 steps to success
Coming Up With Landscaping Ideas

Salt can be used to treat Cancer
World Champion of Public Speaking 2014

Pomegranate peel may cure deadly brain disorders
Drinking green tea prevents spinal cord damage?

Some unknown AMAZING facts
The Wicked Barber’s Plight – Akbar & Birbal

Knowledge : What is Primavera ?
Too much stress can make women infertile!
Drug that cures hair loss

Guidelines: CANADA Government Jobs
New therapy for arthritis developed
Diabetes drug could extend lifespan

New technique can reduce high BP without drugs
The Three Questions – Akbar & Birbal
Making it to B-School              
The GATE advantage            

Foods That Can Help Protect and Improve Your Eyesight
Your car can run on coffee!
Motivational story: Be Deaf to Negativity…!!
Single visa to visit
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.
Tooth restoration techniques
How Your Thoughts Can Rule Your Stomach

Motivation: The mouse trap
Gaurav Agrawal : First rank in IAS Civil service exam 2013
Religion: Real wealth

Sleeping with lights on can make you fat
Moral stories: The story of two birds
Interview Tips: Canada Government Jobs
Motivation: The lost watch

Simple blood test could detect cancers
Could mobile phones cause impotence?
Eating peaches may slow breast cancer growth and spread

IIT: Confidence  and hard work
Want to Make Computers Strong? Use Diamonds!

Nasal spray to treat depression

Garlic has more heart-healthy antioxidants
Latest Scholarship News

Career Guidance: Dairy Science
Career guidance: Post graduation in Construction Management ( Abroad)
The Many Health Benefits of Avocado
Power your smart phones with sugar

Eat strawberries to lower bad cholesterol
Iranian teacher builds robot to teach prayer
Sultanate’s first pay and use toilet now functional

Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured
Why can you remember your dreams?
How to find out if your Gmail account has been hacked
Marble or  Granite countertops which is better
Know Your Health by Analyzing the Color and Smell of Your Urine
Granite is a good choice for flooring tiles

What is Kerb stones ?
Guwahati Schoolboy invents computer system "ReVo Book"
Pomegranate-inspired electrode creates longer lithium-ion battery

Job vacancies in Muscat

Latest: Your Body Odour to be Your ID!
Sugary foods increase heart risks, study finds

Motivational story : Value relationships in time
Breast cancer survivors should exercise more
Water to replace ink in your printer!

Rickshaw puller inaugurates  hospital
Motivation: Yu Youzhen- Millionaire sanitation worker
Reading a Novel may trigger your brain
Eat spinach, almonds for preventing memory loss

Lentils are key to beating high blood pressure
Here come cholesterol-free and odourless eggs
DASA Application dates announced

World’s first ARTIFICIAL heart transplanted into patient
IIT Students develop mobile app that detects skin cancer, diseases
Indian Scientists developed Insulin Pill for diabetics

Nutritious diet also vital for fathers-to-be
Apple-a-day prevents strokes & heart attacks
61-year-old woman running barefoot wins Marathon

8 Tips for Staying Active When You Have Kids
22 Things Happy People Do Differently
8 Stress-Busting Tips from Experts

Modern Living Room Furniture
The Different Types of LED Light Bulbs in the Market Today
Career: Aviation Medicine
Eating healthy breakfast helps increase fertility in women

Sugar free candy to prevent tooth decay
Watermelon cuts heart attack risk, weight gain
10 tips to get rid of under eye puffiness
Google offers Rs. 3 crore package to Siddharth Rajhan
Meat, egg and dairy products necessary for brain development

Face can be used as Password
Roots extract of plant can be used for snake Bite

Inspiration: The story of the cracked Pot
Inspiration: The Little Hut
Inspiration: the story of Three trees

Breath test could help detect lung cancer
Latest Scholarship News

Verfiying grandma's pearls of wisdom

Guidance:  Write and publish your own books
The Cookie Thief:  An Inspirational Story
A house with 30,000 red bull bottles

Motivational story: Bouncing Back Quickly to Win
Google launches 'Helping women get online'
Countless Uses for Coconut Oil
Ginger May Benefit Patients with Asthma

Tips: Adding a Second floor to your Home
Inspiration: Value relationships in time – before you realize and the time is too late
To control cholesterol, turn to pistachios
Stories for children: How to reach solutions to our problems?
Roofing Parts and Terminology

Job vacancies in Muscat

Eating carrot boosts sperm quality, fertility –Research
16 year student gives boost to cancer treatment

Soon, car that can warn driver of heart attack
Soft drinks may cause kidney dysfunction
Speaking a second language may delay dementia

Your movements will help charge your cell phone
World's first pizza with right nutritional balance

Sugar Substitutes—What’s Safe and What’s Not
New Trigger of Alzheimer’s Identified: Stress

Indian students to benefit from Australia's new visa regime
The story of Tortoise & Hare- a new version
Why is henna good for you ?
Inspiring story: Love

Treat and prevent high blood pressure naturally with garlic
Guidelines for Building a Boundary Wall
Can Listening to Music Help Us Work Better?

Tricks to crack Civil Service Exam
Washing hands can make you optimistic
Career: Baking and Cake making
How Exercise Makes Your Brain Grow
How to Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk Naturally
Various Ways To Use Granite Tiles
Gold in
Eucalyptus leaves
Drinking coffee cuts liver cancer risk

Interior design: Decorative panels from Sugarcane
Cooking: Oats oothappam
Career guidance: Cooking ( Culinary art)
Reverse mortgage is a boon for senior citizen

Top 10 Things to Consider in a New House Plan
Tips to Study in Germany without much expenses

Cancer cure being developed from human breast milk
Eating healthy breakfast helps increase fertility in women

New Home or Resale? Here are 5 Things to Consider
Cooking: How to make Aloo gobi ?
Cooking: How to make butter chicken ?

Career: JAG ( Judge Advocate General)
Why study Abroad?

Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online
Sample Birthday Speech
Space Saving Ideas for Your Small Flat
Konkani Wikipedia in making
Sleeping too little or too much may up disease risk

Walnuts may prevent diabetes and heart disease
Plumbing: What is PP-R pipes ?
How To Choose Your Flooring Materials: A Comparative Analysis
Travel: Island Capri

Ceramic Tiles Versus Vitrified Tiles
Vitrified Tiles - Some Things To Know

What is FIDIC : International Federation of Consulting Engineers
What is NEBOSH : The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health
List of schools in Oman
List of universities and colleges in Oman

Job vacancies in Muscat

What is Enamel Paint ?
New insulin Degludec far better than existing insulins
Ahmedabad boy bags $1,15,000 offer from Google

How to Win a Beauty Pageant
Ideas on Home Office Lighting and Dining Room lighting

What is GRP : Glass reinforced Plastics
Kamath Inspires: Power of Affection
What is GRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ?
How to check water leakage in your Plumbing lines

Difference between GRP & GRC
Toastmasters Brand Portal

Information: Kidney stones
Certain Fruits May Be Linked to a Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Common Myths About Sunglasses That Can Hurt You
Confirmed – Your Digestive System Dictates Whether You’re Sick or Well

Career Guidance:  Market Research and Data Analytics
Career Guidance: Integrated MBA
An orange a day can keep cancer away
Career Guidance: B.Ed
Oman: OMR600 minimum salary for expat’s family status
Scholarship News
Value of Internships

Weird facts about human body
Eating blueberries may lower diabetes risk
Fertility: Eating raspberries could increase your chances of becoming a father

IITs, Infosys, TCS, to offer free online courses
Why mosquitoes love biting beer drinkers
Beauty: Snail slim facial therapy

Skin Benefits of Cucumber – Makes Your Skin Smooth
3 Best Tips to Avoid Hair Fall
Drinking Water May Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Turmeric: The Spice That Can Potentially Help Your Health in 150 Different Ways

Put your pillow in fridge to sleep sound
Doctors Perform Thousands of Unnecessary Surgeries: Are You Getting One of Them?

Garlic & Onion for Hair Loss Remedy ?
How to Deliver a Vote of Thanks
Job Vacancies in Muscat, Oman
The Importance of Teamwork

Teen creates banana peels into plastic
10 ways to quit smoking
Coffee can help you loose weight: study
Five easy steps to book rail ticket through SMS:
Tips for a Working Mom
Neem Uses and Benefits
How To Lose Face Fat

Excellent tips to overcome stress during interview

13-year-old cracks IIT exam, again
Google balloons to bring Internet to remote areas
Skipping breakfast could increase risk of diabetes
Guidelines: Girls Be Careful

Vitamin B May Protect Against Alzheimer’s
Natural Tips for Fair Complexion
Family: How To Get Pregnant: 4 Secrets
How To Sell Common Stock Shares
How To Get Nice Muscle Tone And Build An Attractive Muscular Body
Iron in Your Blood
Easiest Tips to Get Rid of Fever
Causes of Frequent Urination in Men

Beautiful Oman: Charming mountainous Al Hajir village
Top 20 ways to prevent diabetes

List of Microsoft Certifications
Construction: Road studs
A million engineers in India struggling to get placed in an extremely challenging market
Campus selection: Scaling the final hurdle

Career guidance: Engineering a future?
Career in safety?
More Sugar can cause heart damage?

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight ,For That Flawless Skin
Education: Integrated BS-MS courses
13 Tips for a Healthy Back

Eating mangoes linked to low cancer risk
Toastmasters DCP Points
Breastfeeding boosts babies' brain growth
Inspiration: World's Ugliest Woman

Construction: What is  GRP or  fibreglass ?

Health Benefits of Cheese
New rules for Real estate dealers to protect Home buyers
Many opt for distance education after Class XII

Vinegar test to prevent cervical cancer death
Information:  Cervical cancer
Invention: Camera sensor that doesn't need flash

Is it better to walk or run?
Career guidance: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Could eating yoghurt help treat depression?

MY GRANDMA'S RECIPE: Kuzhambu maavu upma
Advance JEE Exam

New tax certificate rule for NRO account holders
Xpress Money offers free life insurance cover
Inspiration: Arunima is first woman amputee to scale Everest

Ginger may relieve asthma symptoms
Invention: A device that can charge your phone in 20 second

Humorous / Jokes Page

Personality Development : What is NLP ?
Knowledge: WhatsApp
Toastmasters: Why Attend Club-Officer Training?

New norms for NRIs at airport
Muscat: Indian schools to change timing

Interested in cracking the civil service examination? Here are the tricks.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education
Cracking the law test

Masala Dosa & Your Personality: Anything in Common?
20 tips for sparkling white teeth

Google unifies cloud storage and 15GB of free space offered

IAS Exam: Haritha tops Civil service Exam-2012
Son of daily wager makes it to civil services 2012
Inspiration: Dr.Howard and one glass of milk
Kerala: Electricity bill can be paid online
Railways reduces advance ticket booking reservation period

How much sleep you need?
Tips: IAS Interview questions
Interior design : What is MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard. ?

What is Acrylic Paint?
Motivation: The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee
Benefits of Nap or short sleep

Information: Blood pressure
The wife married to FIVE brothers

When removing the uterus, leave the ovaries: study
How to lower your blood pressure

Kidney & Kidney diseases
Common blood tests and values

Why blood pressure reducing beetroot should be your new salad essential
IPL-2013 ( IPL 6 )

UPSC withdraws mandatory English norm in civil services exams
10 ways to break bad habits

Construction: What is epoxy based paint?
Construction: Painting tips

Walnuts Reduce Risk of Diabetes
Yahoo purchases Summly app for 30 million from youngster
World's largest solar plant in Abu Dhabi
Navneet Kaur: Miss India 2013
Calcium Test Predicts Stroke Risk
Treatment of kidney disease in diabetes – new hope with ketoanalogue

CWE: Common Written Exam
Doctor arrested for filming patients using Camera hidden in wrist-watch
India's first Social media lab to monitor Facebook,Twitter & Youtube
Taking care of your teeth
CBSE: Examination based on open-book concept
Govt. mulls new civil services mains exam format
A device to prevent people from texting while driving
DASA 2013-14 important dates announced
What is google glass ?

How You Can Cure Bad Breath From Stomach Problems
Lose weight with diet solution

Make money through work from home online jobs
Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed
Type 2 diabetes is avoidable

Information: Thyroid Problems
List of International banks
Safety Tips For Online Banking

List of Banks in India

Top 15 Interesting Car Facts
Humanities: Standing tall among the techies
Auto Repair Advice And Guidance For Everyone
7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games

Our Attitude Toward Life Determines Life's Attitude Towards Us!
Information: What can you do with your food waste?

What is MOOC? : Massive open online courses
What  is new  in Internet Explorer 10 ?
Religion: Divine will dominates

Funny Interview questions
Why is it that our mouth waters at the sight of tasty foods?
Blood calcium levels can predict ovarian cancer
The Love Story of Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar
A machine that makes dosas in a jiffy
what can I do to relieve constipation ?

5 foods with superpowers
What is a bronchitis?

Understanding the encumbrance certificate
Religion: Plan for the future
Study in Germany: Notes about Deutschland
Tofel Tips

Class XII: Common question paper format

What is CALP?

A spell-check pen that will vibrate when you make an error
Chewing gum is GOOD for the brain and boost alertness
Milk, yogurt help keep bones healthy, says study
Don't cry. Fight, say cancer survivors

Absent minded jokes
Pune doctor stops charging fees for delivering girl child
Good sleep fosters well being, gratitude
Inspiration: Ladder up the wrong wall
For CAT toppers, it's all about basic math
Saliva gland test could diagnose Parkinson’s
Moms who take folic acid, iron have smarter kids

Effects of Anemia or  iron deficiency
Magnesium: a ‘magical’ mineral for diabetes

Insulin "handshake" may do away with injections
LAW: White-collar job in a black coat

Religion: How Karma works
Woman who fled to escape marriage at 17 returns as a millionaire

How to Live to 100
All you need to know about Facebook’s Graph Search
Drink Your Milk: It Could Help You Win a Nobel Prize

Kumbh Mela
What People Who Live to 100 Have in Common
The 100 Best Jobs

Is It Better to Exercise or Rest When You’re Sick?
Stimulate Your Fitness IQ By Walking Backward
Oman: Daymaniyat Islands, a treasure trove of sealife

Wondrous Waterfalls in India
Easy way to protect heart: sip black tea

Why Should You Stick to Your Job?
What is Patio in a home?
5 Steps To Take Your Company To The Next Level
Gadgets to Watch Out For in 2013

10 kitchen tips to keep you slim
Career guidance: Using your voice

How To Make Your Employees Love Their Work
Dodge diabetes with vitamin D
Chicken packed with vitamins, nutrients

Super food: Quinoa
Herbal Canteen
What is Bikram yoga?
How women can protect themselves from attackers?

The World’s Best Places To LiveHow to evade invitations from friends on Facebook
Government of India eases tourist visa rules
Brief biography: Pandit Ravishankar
Guidelines and tips:  To find a reliable Builder or Contractor
What Google, Amazon are doing to retain IIT students?
Kamath inspires: Story of appreciation
Sample Interview Questions With Answers
Hybrid Cars Advantages and Disadvantages


Facebook Messenger ( SMS) App for iPhone and Android
Top British universities and colleges for art and science
Type in any regional  language
Translate in any International Language
Boiled Coca cola  for Flu?
Smells can make you well

Tips For Campus Placement Interviews
Tourism: Top 25 Destinations in the World
Guinness Book: World’s largest soccer ball made in the Sultanate
Science & technology: Questions and answers

IIT Kharagpur develops software to detect diabetic retinopathy
Health Tablets
Guidelines  & tips before you start house construction

Building material: What is Corian Top?
What is skydrive ?
Guidelines for free Search Engine submission
Bamboo reinforced concrete
What is top-up housing loan ?

What is Career Planning?
Public speaking tips: What You Should Have Said
Jnana Pana By Poonthanam.
Benefits of rainwater harvesting in homes
Benefits of Wallpaper for interiors
Home improvement tips: Wallpaper for interiors
Steps to Career Planning

Career Guidance: List of Career guides

Public speaking Tips for Special Occasions
Take up engineering only if you have the aptitude
Interior design: The Rebirth of Wallpaper
Should I do M.Tech or go for a job?
PTE: The Pearson Test of English Academic

Tips & guidelines: Solar water heater
Tips & guidelines: Electricity Saving at home

Why home insurance is very important in India?
Coming Up With Landscaping Ideas
What is Insomnia? What is the principal cause of Insomnia?

Tips and guidelines to maintain Aquariums
Is Home Insurance so Important?

List of Companies in India
Get ready for new cheque system
How to set out a building on site
New Indian passport Collection/ service centers in Oman
Income tax return: Filing tips

The Best Paint Colors for a Small Space
Worried about your investments? How to handle it
List of World Heritage sites
What is SWOT analysis ?

Guidelines for the Physical Inspection of Residential Properties

Very interesting website: Pinterest
Single Roaming SIM Card for International Travelers
Attractive Classified Newspaper ads- better way to enhance your business
10 ways to get better sleep for new parents (post baby)
Causes of Hair Loss and Treatments
Skin Benefits of Cucumber – Makes Your Skin Smooth
Petrol Engine Versus Diesel Engine

List of Free Google Services & products

Man of the Millennium: P. Kalyanasundaram
GATE exam for job listing
Religion: Selfless service
A 5,650-km march to Makkah

Modular Kitchen Benefits and its Uses
Solar Power: Experts  with glittering ideas
GRE New  Tools
Education Abroad: On a Student Visa

Butter arts and sculpture
What is Green Building ?
Benefits of domestic wind energy
How To Install a Home Wind energy Turbine to get wind energy

New features: Windows 8
Benefits of Robotic surgery
How to prevent Dengue fever ?
Waste materials can be used for laying roads

Cows' milk protects against HIV: Study
What is Google drive?
Benefits of Red and Black oxide floors
Lessons from an internship

Building Construction Magazines
Revolutionary technology produces 'petrol from air'
WRO: World Robotic Olympiad
What is Google TV ?

What is CBSE- i ?
Brown rice healthier than white rice?
Mango: The nutritional superstar

Wha is Ferrocement
Healthy sardines ( Fish)

Career Opportunities in Social Work

What is Gout?
Leadership corner: Are you hunting meerkat or antelope?
Motivation: Judging a book by its cover
What is Domestic biogas plant ?
Can a few cherries a day keep gout ( arthritis) away?
Create your own Domestic Biogas Plant

Watermelon can prevent heart attacks and weight gain
NEET - PG : National Eligibility cum Entrance test for Post Graduation
10 Celebrities who battled breast cancer
Omani Visa on Arrival
Story of Vikramadhithya

Fire Safety Tips For Preventing Fire
What do you know about the new IIT exam pattern?
Indian passport fees increased
What is hernia?

Significance of Home Plumbing

How to Install Electric Wiring
How to keep your heart in good shape
Fitness Tips for Teenagers
New hope for terminal heart patients

New Features of  iPhone 5
Should I buy or rent? A simple calculation
Motivation: My dad is the Pilot 
Kamath inspires: Three beggers
Easy Landscaping Tips for Beginners
TMI Speech Contest: Frequently asked questions
Floor Tiles Safety Tips for Your Home
Feng Shui
Kamath inspires: Four Seasons

Painkillers more fatal than heroin, cocaine?
What you should know about anesthesia ?

World champion of public speaking 2012
Snake venom could save lives
The History Of Feng Shui
Soak in salt water bath to ease arthritis
Health Tablets

Tips for a Working Mom
Book rail tickets on mobiles

How to find the owner of a website?
World’s Smallest Bodybuilder ‘Romeo’, passes away

Benefits of breast feeding
Creating a blog from scratch – 7 fast and easy steps to start blogging
How to Overcome Challenges and Setbacks
Breast-feeding in infancy cuts depression risk

What is CT Scan ?
Marriage the new miracle cure for cancer: Study

What is the difference between MRI scan & CT scan?
The first days of college and experiences of students...
Study abroad: Have you done your homework?
People with kidney stones likelier to need dialysis or transplant
Contact lens can make you blind?
Burn your belly fat in just one shot
Guinness book: the world's largest omelette
Guinness book:  World's Most Pierced Man
Guinness book: World's heaviest onion
Guinness book: World record bee keeper

GATE-2013 to get tougher
Autocad. What is it?
No mobile connection to foreign tourists for more than 3 months
What is TST ( Treadmill Stress Test )
E-cigarettes are equally injurious to health

Kamath Inspires: The Elephant And The Fly
What is Migraine?
Knocking out Procastination
What is Kidney stone?
3ds Max . What is it?

How to Avoid Slipping in the Bathrooms
Benefits of Recurring Deposit scheme
Biochemical to treat diabetes discovred
How to Improve Your Memory
ISD codes - International subscriber dialing  Codes
India STD codes : Subscriber trunk dialing codes

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