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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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Children are the future of India. By studying hard and imbibing good values they can contribute to building India as a strong and prosperous nation in which all sections of society enjoy the benefits of economic and social advancements.

Today, India stands at the threshold of a new era of progress. India is rapidly progressing and is emerging as a global power. The world is watching India's growth with admiration. This progress has been possible because of the dedicated work and commitment of the people of India. The children of today, when they grow up, must continue to work hard as they will have the responsibility for ensuring a glorious future of India.

The children of India not only to work for the economic progress of the nation but also to contribute to a caring society that provides the benefits of growth to all, particularly the weak and the disadvantaged. I would like all of you to be sensitive to the fact that many children are not fortunate to have the opportunity of getting a good education. You can be sensitive to your surroundings by helping at least one disadvantaged child. By doing so, you become a child who cares for others.

I would like to see every child, boy and girl in the country to be touched by the light of modern education. Empowerment of women is particularly important, as I believe this leads to the empowerment of the nation. I have a special message for the girl child, who will grow up to be equal partners to shape the destiny of this country. You must not give up your education at any cost - as the education of the girl child is critical for our progress both economic and social. When we educate a girl child, we have not only educated an individual but also a family.

( Message from president of India)

Indian Mythical stories

  • Great Web Sites for Kids [ Kids ] - Internet guide of child-safe sites selected by a committee of the American Library Association.
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids [ Kids ] - Allows users to ask a question in plain English, confirms the question, then takes them to one web site that answers the question.
  • Best Educational Sites [ Kids/Teens ] - Links to academic subjects and to games and activities.
  • Betty Bookmark [ Kids/Teens ] - Allows users to rate book, music, movie, games and television releases, plus offers facts, quizzes and safety tips.
  • BJ Pinchbeck's Help with Homework [ Kids/Teens ] - More than 625 links to educational sites appropriate for homework help.
  • Children Canada [ Kids/Teens ] - Searchable collection of kid-safe links organized by category.
  • Childsafe Kid's Stuff [ Kids/Teens ] - Presents links to games, stories, and activities.
  • CyberSleuth Kids [ Kids/Teens ] - A comprehensive educational search engine, directory and homework helper for the K-12 student. A virtual library and reference tool providing easy access to thousands of safe subject-specific sites.
  • Cybrarian [ Kids/Teens ] - Links for homework assignments and research projects. Topics includes social studies, English, math, and science. Offers links to magazines, museums, and other reference sites. For kids in grades 3 to 8.
  • DiscoverySchool [ Kids/Teens ] - Offers educational resources for students and teachers. Includes educational games, a directory of homework help sites, lesson plans, and a free clipart gallery.
  • Eggboy's Page O'Stuff [ Kids/Teens ] - Categories of links include weather, holidays, space travel, animation, crafts, animals, games, and school.
  • Eggy's World [ Kids/Teens ] - Seven categories of links to interactive, safety tested, kids' web pages.
  • [ Kids/Teens ] - Education sites for K-8 teachers and kids. Find online educational games for kids of all ages, including math, grammar, science, spelling, and history.
  • Grade Level Internet Links [ Kids ] - Links for kids K-5, selected and indexed by a group of elementary school teachers. Social studies, language arts, math and science links.
  • Great Web Sites For Kids [ Kids/Teens ] - An easy-to-use, practical guide to informational, educational, and recreational services on the Internet.
  • Internet Schoolhouse [ Kids/Teens ] - A collection of educational internet resources.
  • Iowa City Public Library: KidSpace [ Kids ] - Links to reading, science, homework, games, and fun for kids.
  • ipl2: Kidspace [ Kids ] - Features a searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative websites; links to online texts, newspapers, and magazines.
  • K.E.W.L. [ Kids/Teens ] - A list of websites in topics such as sports, and science, literature.
  • Kid-Friendly Search [ Kids/Teens ] - Banner links to kid friendly sites organized by subject area. High U.S. concentration in the Social Studies area.
  • KidGrid [ Kids ] - Directory of kid-safe sites. Available in five languages.
  • Kids 321 [ Kids/Teens ] - Safe portal links to favorite video games, cartoons, TV shows, movies, music and toys. [An IE only site.]
  • Kids Like It [ Kids/Teens ] - Interactive portal created by children for children.
  • Kids' Webrary [ Kids ] - From the Morton Grove Public Library. Directory with selected fun and interesting links and lists of great books classified by a diversity of topics.
  • Kids World 2000 [ Kids ] - Links to entertaining and educational web pages around the world, spectacular museums, zoos, sports, science, games, and travel.
  • [ Kids ] - A guide to the best in web sites for kids.
  • [ Kids ] - Kid-friendly search engine with other community features for kids.
  • Kindersite Project [ Kids ] - Offers links to graded and searchable games, songs and stories for the 2 to 6 yr group.
  • KOL - AOL for Kids [ Kids ] - Allows kids to play online games, watch cartoons, listen to music, check out new movies, read books and see their favorite stars.
  • Letter Lane [ Kids ] - A street where the houses are shaped like alphabet letters. Click on a letter house for fun and educational links that start with that letter.
  • Linkasaurus [ Kids ] - A collection of official sites of interest to kids - toys, games, movies, TV networks, sports, museums, and organizations.
  • [ Kids ] - Holidays and special days as well as games, puzzles, Advent calendar, pictures to color. Lots of research links for kids K-6, and for teachers and parents too.
  • Only 4 U kids [ Kids/Teens ] - Portal for kids. Provides free email, wallpaper downloads, factual articles, and a story section.
  • [ Kids/Teens ] - A fun, interactive and educational web site search directory for children.
  • TallMania Web Directory [ Kids/Teens ] - Web directory designed for and developed by students, 11-15 years old.
  • Teach the Children Well [ Kids ] - A large collection of educational links selected by a teacher for elementary students.
  • ThinkQuest: Library [ Kids/Teens ] - A collection of student projects on a variety of topics. These sites were entered into an international competition and selected as worthy of inclusion in this online library of sites for students by students.
  • Time Out New York Kids [ Kids/Teens ] - Read about events, from restaurants to art, that are fun for parents and kids alike.
  • Virtual Middle School Library [ Kids/Teens ] - Directory provides links to resources for students.
  • Whatta Blast [ Kids ] - Interactive web portal offering links to homework help, entertainment, news, and health information. Includes resources and information for parents and teachers as well.
  • Yahoo! Kids [ Kids ] - A web guide for kids featuring fun and educational resources with games, animals, music, jokes, movies, news, astrology, TV, science, e-cards, and reference guides.

List of Baby and Children names

Ask Jeevs
Do you have any question to ask children?. Ask to Jeevs to get a reply

Hindu Kids Page


Alfy Park is a massive online playground that's sure to bewitch youngsters.

An American online colouring book. Pick a picture, choose your crayons and colour away.

Fun with Spot

The loveable dog has plenty of fun here. Colourful sections include Spot at a party, in the park, on the beach and down the farm - each with simple games and activities.


There is loads to do at the official Noddy website. As well as meeting all the Toyland characters and watching video clips

Missing kids
Indias's first website    for the parents, guardians, law enforcement agencies,   for locating a missing , adbucted, kidnapped,runaway kids. Free service available

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