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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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World's richest people 2011
Chilli chocolate can fight obesity
Glaucoma: Silent thief of sight
Thrice-a-week insulin shot may be reality soon
National Bravery awards
Biography: Larry Ellison -
chief executive officer of Oracle
Biography: Mukesh Ambani

Be Careful: Conference Scams
An Apple Increases Your Lifespan
International Women's Day
21 simple ways to be a  great family

Teenagers and Drugs

Key to safe delivery and healthy baby
LCD & LED TV screens
Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam

Information about Kidney Disease
Organ Donation
Personal Productivity
CELTA-The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adult
Features of iPad 2
Religious talk: Greatness of Srinivasa
List of Open Universities In India

List of Institutions Offering Courses on Distance Mode
Daytime sleep is good for your heart
Suffering from sleep disorder?

Career: Construction Management
'Don't fear cancer, fear delay in tackling it'
Euthanasia: Aruna Shanbaug case

Pension Plans
Ask the CBSE
Sugary soft drinks linked to high blood pressure
Education reduces blood pressure

Short biography: Amar Chitra Katha Uncle Pai
Indian Embassy begins NRI registrations in Oman
Guidelines for death cases in Oman for Indian Citizens
Major Indian Companies in Oman
Tips and guidelines  for Smooth real estate transactions
Tips and guidelines  for safe financial transactions
Health, Technical and other Journals
Doorless village has no crime

Mutual Respect
Sardarji Jokes  
Kids lacking Vitamin D more likely to have allergies

Tips and guidelines to avoid overseas employment scams
Exams ‘on demand' by IGNOU
Breakfast is the Secret of Good Health
Happy times for IT sector
Motivational story: Burnt Biscuits
The world's biggest family with 39 wives, 94 children
How to avoid Online Job Scams?
Top 100 benefits of Meditation
Child adoption in India
Breast Cancer May Now Be Curable
Student Counselling, need of the hour
Knowing more than one language delays Alzheimer’s

Valentine's day: All for Love

Religious talk: the Lord's love
Religious talk: Sayings of the Prophet
List of ADMISSION tests
TOEFL -Test of English as a Foreign Language 
GRE - Graduate Record Examination

Attukal Temple &  Pongala Mahotsavam
Part of a team
Religious talks
Tips and Guidelines for foreign Employment
Career Guidance: Corporate finance
Meet India's miracle baby
Guidelines Cancer

A girl eats  soaps and washing powder
Drugs to treat age-related blindness
Drinking milk everyday can protect against cancer

Nick Vujicic- Miracle man and a motivator without arms or limbs

Breast Cancer risk factors
One in eight women will get breast cancer, charity says
Moderate exercise such as walking 'boosts memory power'
A man's journey from dabbas to doctorate

Articles are invited - You can write articles about anything and everything
Online marriage frauds
A Cellphone tower installation fraud

Think twice before joining MBA
Adapting to changes in Civil Service Exams
Kerala Medical and Engineering Entrance -2011
Career guidance: Automobile Engineering
Sand castle or sand sculpture

Bharat Ratna Award
Broccoli can fight cancer

JANASEVA SISUBHAVAN- A home for destitute children
What is Toastmasters Club?
Artificial pancreas could save lives during pregnancy
The beauty of Mathematics and the love of God

Sabarimala: the tragedy and the remedy

Tips and Guidelines to reduce Snoring
Dubai , festival,Visa, Dubai education ,Dubai tourism
World's tallest building Burj Khalifa
Short biography Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
Singer Swetha Mohan

Rajanikanth Jokes
Carrots 'make people more attractive'
Why beautiful people grab more attention
Unlocking the brain's secrets
Six Stress-Busting, Mood-Boosting Foods
Common sense key to entrepreneurial success
Breastfeeding could make boys more intelligent

Tomatoes prevent vascular diseases
Green tea can fight cancer, dementia
Tomatoes could protect against prostate cancer
A cancer cure that's cooking in your kitchen
Grape compound increases good fat hormone

A short Biography-Bill Gates
A short biography- Lionel Messi

A magical mirror to find your fever
Cricket World cup

Career Guidance: Astrophysics
Be generous
Makaravilakku and Makarajyothi
Guruvayoor Temple
Chottanikkara Temple

Motivation: What is Commitment ?
Why Will & Nominations are important in ones life
Is Project Management an art of a science?

Useful tips about Mobile phones
ATM PIN Number Reversal
Motivation: The Change and The kings of the poor
Child labour

Motivation: Turtle vs Rabbits

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