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Shorfat al Nakhar of Jabal Shams: Oman Grand Canyon

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By Mohamed Alian -It is not just the deepest in Oman and Arabia but even deeper than the Grand Canyon of America, though narrower than it. Al Nakhar canyon, in Jabal Shams, is the highest in Arabia, rightfully called by geologists, Oman Grand Canyon: it is almost 1,000 metres deep when you stand at the Shorfat al Nakhar, literary “Al Nakhar down view.”

The journey to Jabel Shams takes you through Nizwa, the historical and heritage capital of Oman which is famous for its gold and silver handicrafts.  Here there is a chance to explore the antique and Silver Jewellery vendors in Nizwa Souk and view the famous round tower fort of Nizwa, considered to be the best example of fort architecture in Oman. From here, proceed to Wadi Nakhur located at the base of the canyon for the start of your climb by 4WD to Jabel Shams.

Your off road journey will take you to Misfah Village which clings to the side of a cliff. Walk along the high terraced falaj and peer over the date palms to the canyon below. Also see Wadi Ghul, a traditional mountain farming village. At the 3000 metre summit of Jabel Shams, savour the magnificent views across the canyon and the mountain peaks of the Jabel Akhdar Ranges.

A tarmac road takes you up to Shorfat al Nakhar from Al Hamra, a beautiful date palms town, 40 kilometres north of Nizwa, where you first pass by the mysterious 2,500 years old Husn Alfurs, literary “the Persian castle”, that is mistakenly called by some as Ghull village just because it is situated on a barren rock at the end of Ghull ravine or “the snake wadi”.

Contemporary Omani historians agree that the ancient ruins are much older than the time when Arab tribes arrived in the area around 200 AD.

Just facing the Shorfat is the peak of Jabal Shams, literary “the sun mountain”, 3,000 metres above sea level, the highest peak in Arabia, so called because it is first of Oman territory the sun shines on. The peak was covered by scattered clouds when I took its photograph two weeks ago. Local residents told me it snowed in the area two days before my visit, as archive photos from a previous winter attests.

Besides appreciating the breathtaking view of the Shorfat you may also buy some traditional products sold by local boys and girls in traditionally built stalls: hand-made cotton key chains and hand-woven wool mats and garment.
Among the unique flora of this high mountain is Boot tree, Reptonia muscatencesea, which is not known in any other part of the world but in the other two Oman Hajar range mountains: Jabal Akhdar and Jabal Bani Jabir of the famous Majlis Al Jinn cave, the 11th largest in the world. A close relative tree was discovered in Afghanistan’s eastern mountains.

In summer its rather small berries are harvested and stored in traditional palm leaves containers and eaten with Omani coffee. The surplus is sold in Nizwa souq.

Finally, be careful when children accompany you to the Shorfat as it is a sheer drop with no proper protective fence suitable for children.


Oman's Grand canyon

The mountains beckon because of the cool weather. So why not head to Jabal Shams? A popular tourist destination throughout the year, Jabal Shams is full of surprises. Awesome views come into your frame as you drive up and up. And camping on this mountain under the stars has its own charm. Jabal Shams, the mountain of the sun, is home to weavers of heavy woollen rugs in distinctive red, black and brown geometric designs. Along the steep and windy road leading to the top of the mountain, you will discover small villages hiding within the mountains rocks and then reach the incredible 'Grand Canyon', where you can enjoy a walk in the cool atmosphere of the mountain. There are at least three places for accommodation. The Jabal Shams base camp offers
15 bedouin tents and six family rooms while the Jabal Shams Resort offers tourists individual chalets and Arabic tents. There is also another lodge on the mountain offering basic accommodation facilities.

How to go: To reach Jabal Shams pass Nizwa and proceed towards Bahla, then turn right towards Al Hamra. Turn left at a petrol station towards Wadi Ghul.
More information: Jabal Shams Resort 99382639

 ( Courtesy: Mr.Aftab H.Kola, )

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