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What is the importance of time


Time is one of the most costliest things in this World. Once you lost you can not get it back. Time and tide never waits for anybody. Time is life and money  If you waste your time, you are wasting your life and money. A street beggar or the President of United states get same equal amount of time of 24 hours. Irrespective of your cast, creed, rich, poor, gender, age or any criteria people get equal quantity of  time.. The person who wins is the person who properly utilize his time. Like sand slips through your fingers, time slips. It always moves forward and does not move backward. Time runs fast when you have fun and it drags when you are mundane.

What happens if you do not stick on to your time.

If you do not keep up the time, it creates lots of problems. An employ coming always late may lose his job. A student always coming late to school may lose the lessons and may fail in his exams .If a chief guest coming late not only make the function late but gives troubles to others.

Just imagine the day in which we got up very late. Everything we have to do hastily. Hastily swallowing food may lead to indigestion, we may miss our bus, train etc and also we will be put into lot of tension & stress.

Suppose you are the cashier of a bank .If the locker key is with you, and you are coming late to the bank, just imagine the attitude of the customers.

If we manage our time properly we can avoid all these problems.

The Pareto Principle, or the "80:20 Rule".  argues that  80% of unfocussed effort generates only 20% of results. The remaining 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of the effort. While the ratio need not always 80:20. Ex:  Suppose a  Bank would like to get a deposit of RO.100,000. Instead of contacting 80 people with RO.1250 per head, it is better for the bank to get 20 people who can afford a deposit of R.O.5000/-. So instead of spending  days in a frenzy of activity, which achieve very little , we must  concentrate on the right things which can achieve more.

How much your time costs?

Have  you ever calculated  how much your time costs. You will be astonished to see that your time is very valuable. Let us find a formulae by which you can find  the cost per hour.

If you work for an organization, calculate how much you cost it by way of salaries, perks, house rent, conveyance and other facilities etc. each year. If you are self-employed, work the annual running costs of your business.

To this figure add a 'guesstimate' of the amount of profit you should generate by your activity.

If you work normal hours, you will have approximately 200 productive days each year. If you work 7˝ hours each day, this equates to 1,500 hours in a year.

 From these figures, calculate an hourly rate. This should give a reasonable estimate of how much your time is worth - this may be a surprisingly large amount!

My friends, When you are deciding whether or not to take a task on, think about this value - are you wasting your or your organization's resources on a low yield task?

What are our time wasters?

  • Excessive T.V watching
  • Excessive sleep
  • Watching long matches
  • Gossips
  • Junk mails & unnecessary telephone calls

Socrates was very cautious about using his time.

One day a person came to hem and said “ I want to talk about your fried something” Socrates said : “ Answer my 3 questions, then you can tell me”
1st question: “ Is the news true”. I am not sure. I heard from outside. He replied
2nd question: “Is the news good”. No
3rd: “Is the news is useful to me” . No.
Socrates said” If the news is not true, good or useful , I do not want to hear it.


How to manage your time

Time Management skills are essential for successful people.

·         Be always cautious about your valuable time.

·         Spend 15 minutes of each working day for organizing the events of the day.

·         Avoid Junk mails and un wanted tel. calls,

·         Avoid excessive TV watching and long matches

·         Avoid gossips and unwanted visitors

·         Try to avoid wasting time in Queues

·         Avoid arguments and unwanted meetings

·         Eliminate unwanted work or duplication

Let me close this  by giving you a famous quote by ETINE DEGRELLET
 “ I shall pass through this life but once,
Any good ,therefore I can do,
Or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature,
Let me do it now,
Let me not defer or neglect it,
For I shall not pass this way again”

Personal Time Management for Busy Managers

by Gerard M Blair

Time passes, quickly. This article looks at the basics of Personal Time Management and describes how the Manager can assume control of this basic resource.

The "Eff" words

The three "Eff" words are [concise OED]:

  • Effective - having a definite or desired effect
  • Efficient - productive with minimum waste or effort
  • Effortless -
seemingly without effort; natural, easy

Personal Time Management is about winning the "Eff" words: making them apply to you and your daily routines.

What is Personal Time Management?

Personal Time Management is about controlling the use of your most valuable (and undervalued) resource. Consider these two questions: what would happen if you spent company money with as few safeguards as you spend company time, when was the last time you scheduled a review of your time allocation?

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