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S.P.Balasubramaniam was introduced in Tamil as playback singer by the music director M.S.Viswanathan, through the film "Santhi Nilayam"! It was in the year 1969 and the first cine song sung by Balasubramaniam in the film was this: "Iyarkkai Yenum...."! In the intervening period of 30 years from then till today, he has sung more than 30,000 songs in films. Apart from singing, he has also acted in films and has composed music a few films too!

                         He has won so many awards in these 30 years. In 1979 the film "Sankaraabaranam", in 1981 "Ekh Dhuje Keliae", in 1983 "Saagara Sangamam", in 1989 "Rudhra Veenaa", in 1995 "Gana Saagara Ganayogi Kawai", and in 1996 "Minsara Kanavu"-----as cited here, he has won National Award for Best Playback singer 6 times so far in his cinema career, which feat is an enviable one indeed!

                    People call him S.P.B. which is the short form of 'Sreepathy Panditharathayusa Balasubramaniam'. He was born in 1949, June 4th at Konaattaampettai. His wife's name is Savithri. His daughter is Pallavi and son Charan.

                    While he was young he took great interest in music and organised his own orchestra troupe and was conducting musical concerts. His sister Sailaja too had been a singer in this troupe!

                    It was at one such musical concert that Telugu film music director Kothandapani happened to hear Balasubramaniam's voice and later the former introduced Balasubramaniam as a playback singer through the Telugu film "Sree Sree Sree Marayada Ramanna". Afterwards in 1969 he sang for the Tamil film "Santhi Nilayam". Next in 1970 he sang for a Malayalam film "Kadal Paalam". In 1976 he did playback singing for the kannada film "Nagare Athe Sorkkaa". In 1980 he sang for the Hindi film "Ekh Dhuje Keliae".

                    S.P.B., though was very young, started singing for many different language films. As he became very busy, at times he used to sing even 17 songs in 12 hours at the recording theatre. Also he has accomplished the feat of singing the 'saranam' at a stretch for 26 seconds without taking break for breathing in between! Not only that he has sung effecting in his voice a variety of modulations, but has also done playback singing for all popular actors who have acted in films with his playback voice.

                    At one stage he started acting in films. Gradually the frequency of his acting work increased in a fast pace and he did roles in Tamil and Telugu films. At one stage, he also stepped into the profession music direction and thus has so far composed music for more than 50 films!

                    He who was in the beginning doing playback singing for Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films, latter expanded this to Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Thulu too!

S.P.Balasubramaniam has also won so many State Awards. In 1981, he was awarded Tamilnadu Government's 'Kalaimaamani Award'. He  received Andhra Government's Award 12 times. Tamilnadu Government's State Award has been awarded 4 times. He is so far honoured 22 times with Cinema Fans' Association Award.

                    He has undertaken world tours and visited such countries like America, U.K., U.A.E., Germany, Switzerland, Canada, France, Malasia, Singapore, Norway and other places and conducted musical concerts there. In aid of so many social service schemes, he has collected money by conducting musical programmes in Chennai and at Andhra Academy and so on.

                   S.P.B. is a man  with a great sense of gratitude. He has declared open a statue of his model of inspiration in the art of singing, namely Kandasala, in Hydrabad, in 1990. He has constructed a modern, recording theatre in Chennai and named it after his guru Gothandapani.
  ( Courtesy: Dinakaran, Tamil News paper )

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