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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
3D Album

3 Dimension Resources
(  3 dimension resources such as 3d Studio Max, 3D studio Viz etc )

Main | 3D Page | I-drop blocks | Discussions | Free 3D textures | Free AutoCAD Blocks | CAD-Magazines | CAD Resources

User Group | Acad-Commands | CAD Training | 3D Max Resources | 3D Perspectives | Building Plans | GIS | Links

Multimedia, Animation, Video, games, CAD, 3 dimension Links

See 3D perspectives created using AutoCAD/3D studio MAX/Viz
Free resource for computer graphics artists, including 3D models, tutorials, textures, materials, scripts, software, plug-ins, art and animations. Also shares revenue with users for submissions.

3d Total -
A total 3D source for free libraries including a great many items to download.

Level of Detail for 3D Graphics -
Level of details graphics contains, links, resources, quotes, products, terrain models, and tools for the 3d world. Also this site is associated with a book.

CG Channel - Computer Graphics Channel -
The online magazine for Computer Graphics and VFX artists and professionals. -
A vast community site offering free training videos for Maya, 3D Max, Softimage, Lightwave, Houdini and game level design. Also has very active and helpful forums, news items and artists galleries. - The Computer Graphics Portal -
3D Design and multimedia portal with a search engine, news, tutorials, forums, chats, online store, artists' Gallery and download zone with textures, 3D models and plugins. -
3D programs, forums, free download including characters, textures and poses. -
A graphic starting place with tutorials, 3D models, news articles, links to books covering 2D and 3D, discussion forums, and classifieds. -
High-end 3D art and information. Alias, Softimage, Rhino tutorials, photorealistic renderings, behind-the-scenes Hollywood production info.
Flay.Com -
News, and resources for 3D content providers. Plugins and tutorials.
Max-Realms - 3d Studio Max -
Free 3d Studio Max Resources. Member Forum, Free 3ds models, R3, R4, R5, R6 plugins, 3ds, tutorials, .max files, and .3ds files
3D Artists -
Included in this gallery are tutorials for 3D Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, and Softimage 3D, pictures and interviews of artists from around the world and the gallery itself.
3D Commune -
Graphic community where 3D users can find discussion forums, art galleries, free stuff, tutorials section, calendar, classifieds, and browse members pages. -
3D entertainment and news portal, offers information and reviews on software, and interviews.
CG Focus -
Features image gallery by various artist, animations, tutorials, reviews, forums, and downloads.
Zoorender 3D Resource Site -
3D-community with free models, scenes and movie Scripts and tutorials for Maya and Softimage, 3d-artist gallery, textures.
Linefour -
Free and to buy 3D models and textures. Site includes downloads for Maya, Lightwave, Max, and Poser. Forum, jobs, news, tutorials and help sections. -
Doorway to 3D tutorials, models, and textures for Bryce, Poser, Amorphium and others. Site has a large 3D resource directory.
Creative 3D -
Online magazine for 3D computer graphics.
3D-Palace -
A site offering tutorials for Maya, Max, and XSI. Plus galleries, forums and regular news updates. -
Graphics and animation portal for multi-package tutorials, interviews, news, art, and animation galleries.
LightWorks End-User -
Providing downloads, galleries, features, and news for the end-users of LightWorks a 3D rendering solution.
CADalyst -
Offers free 3d models textures, plugins and tutorials covering 3d Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, Alias, and Autocad.
CGchar Animation -
Community forum and industry news site for those interested in Computer Graphics, modelling and character animation. Useful links and up to date CG news.
C4DmodelSHOP -
Very high quality 3D models for sale in Cinema 4D (C4d) and 3DS format.
Character Animation In 3D -
A complete guide to animation, both 3D and 2D. This site accompanies the book of the same name by Steve Roberts.
Real-Time Rendering -
Many links to real-time rendering, technqiques, source code, and information. -
Community for Maya, Softimage, Alias, Studio, Renderman, and Sumatra, Free 3d resource tips, tricks, tutorials, Mel Scripts, plugins, shaders, tools, jobs, contests, artist gallery and listservs.
Ultimate 3D Links -
Links database for objects, information, textures, tools, modelers, plug-ins, meshes books, forums, news groups, and schools.
The Art Door -
Community site for 3D applications: forums, store, galleries, free stuff.



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