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Online test to detect early signs of Alzheimer's

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Scientists have developed what they claim is a 15-minute online test which can help detect the early signs of Alzheimer's disease. A team at Oxford University has developed the online quiz called the Cognitive Function Test which it claims could help diagnose the most common form of dementia perhaps years earlier than it might normally be spotted.

To take the test, go to  It has three sections which use computer-based tasks and games to measure different components of memory.

However, the test is not intended to replace checks with a doctor and it is intended that they will continue to be done to check the diagnosis is correct, The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

The quiz will provide an instant result and could either set people's minds at rest or encourage them to act sooner than they might have to visit their doctor. It could also help some people who feel a stigma to admitting they are suffering memory problems, say the scientists. It will also provide guidance on lifestyle and diet which could also slow the development of the condition.

In fact, the test, which is free to take, follows a significant study published last year which credited a vitamin pill with cutting brain shrinkage linked to the disease by up to five times. The study showed the vitamin pill to be most effective when taken early.


Details about the test

This test is designed for those aged 50 to 70. It consists of five parts and it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Once you have started the test it is important that you are not disturbed by the telephone etc., and that you do not take a break. If you require glasses for computer screen work please use them. The test is best done with a separate mouse rather than a touch pad, unless you are very used to using a touch pad. Please ensure that your mouse is working well before starting.

Please do not worry if you find the later tests difficult. They are designed so that nobody is able to finish all of them. Please take time to read the instructions carefully before starting any part of the test. Please don't be tempted to skip the examples, they will help you to do your best in the test.

You will require Javascript and the tests are best done full screen on a computer with a minimum screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Click here for the function test    or  Go to


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