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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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How can I register for Internet Banking facility?

  • You may visit banking form can be downloaded from under ‘Registration forms’. Please fill and submit to the branch with which you maintain your NRI accounts. User name and password will be mailed to you.
  • Pre-Printed Kit (PPK) containing username and password will be delivered to the customers on applying to the foreign branch/office in person.

120. I have received my user name but no password / I have not received the INB kit yet?

You may go to trouble login in at and user id and password not received option. Please give the branch name (5 digits) and account number (11 digits) for which you have not received user id and password.
Please note that username and password are dispatched separately and will reach you within 1 week of each other

121. I am not able to login with the user name and password received from bank?

User id and Password are case sensitive i.e. capital and small letters are different here.SBI provided user name and passwords are for one time usage only

122. I have forgotten my login password?

You may go to trouble logging in and forgot password option. If you know correct username and profile password, duplicate password will be dispatched at your registered address.

If you do not know your profile password, reference number will be generated. Please download duplicate password form and submit it to your branch along with your reference number.

123. Can I ( NRI) get Internet Banking Kits/Mailers (Pre-Printed Kits) from your branch in USA /Canada ?

As per local regulations of USA/Canada, branches/offices do not issue Internet Banking Kits/Mailers (Pre-Printed Kits) to NRIs.

124.I want to change my login password:

Please go to profile and change login password option

125. What is a profile password?

The Profile Password provides an additional layer of security to your accounts. Whenever you access any functionality in the Profile tab you need to authenticate yourself with your Profile Password. For example, while setting your mobile number, adding a third party, defining limits for DD and third party transactions, and even while changing the Login password.
You must mandatorily set your profile password when you login to the Internet banking website for the first time. The Profile password must be different from the login password.

126. I do not know my profile password:

Please note profile password is not given by the bank. It is given by the customer.

127.I have forgotten my profile password

If you have forgotten your profile password, you can reset the same yourself. You need to authenticate yourself with the hint question and answer that you had set for the Profile password. If you don’t remember the hint question or answer you can go to profile and forgot profile password option and download a duplicate profile form and submit it to your branch along with the reference number. Branch will reset your profile password Next time when you go to profile; it will ask you to give a new profile password.

128. I have some more accounts which are not visible:

Please ask your branch to add your other accounts to your user name by going to option add account to user.

129. I want to change my address or update my email address:

For change of address please write to your branch.

130. I want to pay my bills online:

Please go to bill payment option and select a biller.

You can only add those billers which are there in the list.

You can schedule your payment or can give autopay option. Please note you will be able
to view and pay your bill from next cycle.

131. I want to pay sbi card bill

Please go to bill payment and register sbi card as biller .You can pay bill immediately.
You will not be able to view sbi card bill online. For that please go to

132. I want to purchase train tickets online:

Register yourself at your ticket and pay through

133. I want to request for a Cheque Book:

Please go to requests and cheque book option. You can either collect it from branch or ask them to send it by post or courier. It will be sent at your registered address.

134. I have ordered a draft but it has not yet reached the destination:

Please note the draft cannot be delivered to third party. It can only be dispatched at your registered address. Please contact your branch for more details

135. What will be your charges for a draft:

You will pay usual draft charges plus courier charges. For more details contact your branch or visit our website at

136. I am getting the message that you do not have any account:

This is because your branch has not yet activated your account. Please contact your branch for activating the account.

137. I cannot see interest credited in my account.

Interest is paid every year in January and July in savings account

138. I have given nomination but it shows no nomination.

This is because your branch has not updated this information in their records. Please contact or write to your branch for updating of this information.

139. I want to know about NRI schemes:

Please visit write

140.My name is wrongly spelt in onlinesbi:

Please go to profile and correct the spelling or the way you want your name to appear on the web page. Simultaneously, you may contact your branch requesting them to make the necessary correction.

141. How do I register for SMS alert?

Please logon to The profile section enables the registration of mobile number. Once the mobile number is registered, the SMS facility will be activated.

142. I want to change my mobile number?

Go to the profile section of personal details you can change your mobile number. You will get an option either to receive a one time password on your old number or approach branch to approve your new mobile number.

143. I want to download Statement of my account:

Please go to enquiry and statement of account

144. I am unable to renew my STDR online:

Please ask your branch to give transaction rights for your STDR also, and then you can give renewal instructions online. For specific issues please write to your branch.

145. I am unable to do fund transfer:

This is because your branch has not given you transaction rights. Please ask or write to your branch to give you transaction rights.

146. I am viewing old balance in my account:

This could be due to two reasons:
Due to some technical problem data from this branch is not coming. It may take some time to rectify the problem.

Due to technical problem data for your account has not been received at web centre; please ask your branch to resend data for your account.

147. I want to do third Party transfer:

Please go to profile and declare the account as third party account. Also define the limit for fund transfer and third party transfer. Now go to transactions and third party option to do the transaction

148. What happens if I forget my Internet banking username?

If you forget the Internet banking user name, contact your branch and re-register yourself.

149. I am unable to login with the user name and password sent to me by courier.

The user name and password are cryptic in nature because they are system generated and are case sensitive. When you are typing the user name and password for the first time, ensure that you type the characters as they appear in the document sent to you. If you still encounter problems, register your issue in the 'Customer Care' link in the Login page.
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