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Customs and Etiquette You Should Be Aware Of When Traveling to India

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Author: bookhotelsonline: Before you book a resort in Kannur, India, why don't you brush up on some Indian customs and etiquette first? In this culturally-rich country, traditions are strictly
observed, and as a guest, you should respect and abide by these. The last thing you want to happen is to cause some misunderstanding with the locals.
To avoid this scenario, study this list of basic Indian social manners. This will surely come in handy especially if it is your first time in India.

  • Greet the people by pressing your palms together at chest level and saying, 'Namaste.' Men may offer handshakes to other men, and women to other women.
    Men and women don't usually shake hands, unless the lady offers her hand.

  • Dress conservatively. This applies especially to women. Females are expected to be covered up and not attract too much male attention with their way of clothing.

  • When invited to have dinner inside a home, wait to be told where to sit.

  • Politely decline the first offer of tea, coffee, or snack. After being asked again, you should accept and take even a small amount as a gesture of goodwill.

  • When dining, guests are often served in this particular order: the guest of honor first, followed by the men, and then children. Women eat only after they have served all the men.

  • Even if you have brought your own hand sanitizer, you may be asked to wash your hands before and after a meal.

  • Utensils used are generally a tablespoon and fork. Most Indian food, though, are eaten with the fingers.

  • The right hand is mainly always used for eating, whether you are using your fingers or silverware.

  • In some occasions, food may be put in front of you. Or you may be allowed to serve yourself from a communal bowl.

  • Be open to new food options. There are diverse dietary restrictions in India, and these may affect the food served in homes or restaurants.

  • Leave a small amount of food on your plate after eating. This signifies that you are satisfied with the meal served to you. Finishing all your food means that you are not happy with it or still hungry.

  • Shoes should be taken off before entering any home, unless it's a rented Kannur accommodation.

  • Always arrive on time. Although some Indians are not always punctual, they expect foreigners to arrive on the agreed time.

Other than these customs and basic etiquette in mind, don't forget the most important thing when visiting a new country: have fun. It's that simple. Go out, explore, make friends—never allow yourself to be confined inside a resort in Kannur all day no matter how stunning and fancy it is.

Article Source:

About the Author Ara Luna has long been fascinated with anything related to adventure, traveling, and diverse cultures. Her passion for writing roots from her early years where she would spend most of her vacant periods reading at the school library. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, most especially during college. Presently, she works as a professional copywriter for a prestigious company in the Philippines.


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