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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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Do you Know? : Here are some useful information for the Oman residents

Articles written by Hasan Kamoonpuri

ASAN KAMOONPURI is a senior journalist at Oman Daily Observer. Earlier, he was Associate Editor of Digital Oman, an ICT magazine, and OMAN MONEYworks, a business magazine.

Before joining Oman Observer in January 2000, he worked with several leading newspapers such as The Times of India, in Mumbai, The Economic Times in New Delhi, and Teheran Times in Iran. Hasan Kamoonpuri has also worked with the famous fortnightly journal Export Channel of Holland, an export-based journal of the Netherlands, where he led coverage of export promotion strategies of India’s outstanding industrial houses. More...

Technology Articles written by Sangeetha Sridhar

You can read the Technology articles written by Sangeetha Sridhar who is a renowned author and technology columnist  features weekly in the Oman Observer. She has authored several books, journals, papers and articles which have been published in reputed journals and business publications.   

For her efforts in spreading awareness and knowledge about technology within the community, she has received the 'Digital Literacy Champion', one among 5 individuals recognised across the globe. More...

Driving licence procedures for expatriates simplified

From now on ( Jan'10), expatriates who have a valid driving licence back home can get Omani driving licence irrespective of the nature of their jobs or level of their academic qualifications. The recent announcement by the Directorate-General of Traffic Services to simplify expatriate driving licence procedures is a reason to heave a sigh of relief as neither drum test nor slope test is applicable to those who have a valid driving licence from their country. "This is applicable to those who have light motor vehicle driving licence from their native countries", Ali Khamis al Jahdami, Supervisor, Licence Issuance Section at the Qurum Traffic office, told the Observer.  More...

Non Resident Kerala  Welfare fund
More information about Non Resident Kerala Welfare fund More...

Online Movie Tickets

You can book movie tickets online Now. City Cinema made this arrangements. Click here

Don’t eat or drink while driving

I WILL never forget that day when I was at a publishing house of a local newspaper when a colleague came up to me carrying a ticket for traffic violation in his hand. He did not seem too happy to have received the ticket and asked me to verify the reason for the police officer in issuing the offence and asked me to confirm the validity and accuracy of the offence. When I asked why he was stopped by the police officer he replied “I was having a cup of tea while driving my vehicle on my way to the office today.” I then told him that eating and drinking while driving is a traffic violation and that action can be taken by the police if somebody is found doing something that diverts his attention while driving. He said that this is the first time that he has come to know of this kind of traffic violation. It was then that I realized that there might be many like him who are not aware of the laws. It is necessary for the community to know about the laws of the country and respect it in order to preserve the lives of their fellow citizens. Without law chaos spreads and instability creeps in and this is not only about traffic law alone but also laws that affect human lives. There are many people who ignore the fact that eating and drinking while driving result in great danger and would expos them to legal accountability. They leave their homes in the morning and enjoy eating and drinking while driving and the don’t recognize the danger they might bring on to others. And add to that the see this behavior of theirs as a part of urbanization. As human beings we are bound by the laws specific to the country that we are born to from the day of our birth. Law regulates all the issues of our life so the human being must be familiar with the rules that govern his life. —  ( Courtesy: By Captain Rashid bin Sulaiman Al Abri , )

The Muscat Municipality has laid down some rules for pet dogs

  • The Municipality has laid down a rule that  dogs can only be taken out for walks from 11am-3pm
  • Beaches are a complete no-no for taking dogs out. Since families and children frequent the beaches dogs are not allowed to enter the beach premises
  • Whenever you take your dog out for a walk make sure that a dog has its leash on; this is mandatory according to Municipality rules
  • ( Courtesy: Times of Oman dt.29/12/2009)

Secure your Visa & Mastercard using Passwords.

It is better to provide online security for your credit cards by providing secret codes. This will add protection against unauthorized use of your card for online purchases. Just like your PIN at the ATM, all you do is enter your private code when prompted while online payment. Once your identity is confirmed, your purchase is complete. You can get your "MasterCard Secure Code" and " Verified by Visa" secure code from your bank where you obtained your credit card .

To get secure code form Bank Muscat Click here
For other banks please contact the respective branches

Send Classified advertisements to Times of Oman using your Mobile

Use your mobile phone to book classified ad in Times of Oman daily guide. For Example: if you want to sell a car, SMS like the following:
CLS car for sale 1.8 liter model 2009
Send it to 90018
Terms & conditions: Each SMS will be charged at R.O.2.50, maximum 250 characters allowed. SMS should be sent before 1.30PM for the advt to be published on the following day. SMS sent after 1.30PM will be published on the second day. Advt. will be published after approval from your side. This amount will be adjusted from your Mobile bill. At present you can get this facility form Nawras only. Soon will be available from Oman mobile.. For more information call 98028215

Motivational Articles by Dr.Rajan Philips

The motivational articles written by Dr.Rajan Philips and  published in Oman Observer , one of the leading Newspapers in Oman  is reproduced with the permission from the author Click to read

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