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How to get back your hacked hotmail account

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Now here is a way to get back your hacked & hijacked email accounts.

Windows Live team has setup a validation page for those Windows Live Hotmail users who’s account is hacked and not able to login into email account. Windows Live Validation page can be used as last resort to recover and get back hacked/phished Windows Live & Hotmail email account.

The Windows Live ID Validation Page was created to ask key questions about your account (only you would be able to provide the answers) when you created or updated your account. The more information you provide better the chances of getting back hijacked email account

The following procedures were used by many people

  • A person who got back his hacked account used the following procedure:  I immediately contacted Hotmail Support under the password reset area. They responded with an automated response immediately and asked me to reply to that email if I wasn't happy with that reponse. I replied and a real person from support emailed me back with 12 questions that only I could answer. As I opened the account 8 years ago and have never changed my password, I had difficulty remembering some answers. Some of the questions were folders you have created, the IP addresses of the computers you use to access hotmail (found at etc. I answered the questions and they sent me a link to reset my password. I was only out of my account for 3 days.  I am EXTREMELY happy with the Hotmail Support team and now very scared as to how someone actually got into my account - I wonder if they can do it again? Obviously I have changed my password to a strong one and I never use the remember me function on any PC.

  • I went to Windows Live Help and then to the password reset area.  I filled in the online form about password help and I received an automated response.  The automated response advised that I should respond to the email if i was unhappy with the response.  My email was responded to within 1 day with an email asking me questions that only I could know.

  • Here are the steps to recover the hotmail account:

    1. When you go to Window Live page to log on, click on the link for forgot my password just underneath the box for entering password.
    2. On next page, enter your email address in the box for Window Live ID and type in the characters in the picture to proceed in the box for Characters .
    3. You will then see an option to either answer a security question, or have your password reset and emailed to you.
    4. If you remember your security question, try this method. It is possible that the person who hacked the account went in and modified this question.
    5. If you are unable to answer the security question, try again and this time try to have the password reset. However, if you have the password reset, and do not have a secondary email address which has been previously provided to hotmail, this method will not help because hotmail staff cannot know where to send you the new password. It will get sent to the only account they have for you, which is the hacked account and it cannot be accessed. Thus, for this option to work, you must have a secondary address attached to your hotmail account.
    6. If neither of these options work, to the right of these options is a link to get more help. Click on this link.
    7. When the Window Live Help page opens, you will see some information about what options there are to recover the password. At the bottom right of this page is a link toGet More Help . This will take you to a new page. On this page click the link for Get Support . For me, clicking on this link opened a new window titled E-mail Support .
    8. On this page you will be asked to give your (a) name, (b) an email address to use to correspond with you since your current email address cannot be accessed by you (either create a new email address or provide an email address of a friend helping you), and (c) the email address which has been hacked.
    9. For What type of problem do you have , in the dialog box for Please select an option , select sign in and password . When you select this option, a new dialog box appears directly underneath this one. In this new box select, I think someone hijacked or hacked my logon credentials . It is important to select this option--I think it is given greater priority. Underneath this box, there is a text box where you can enter additional information about why you think your account has been hijacked. Information beneath the text box is not very relevant but I still entered it.
    10. Click Submit when all information is entered. Hotmail staff will then send an email to the alternate email address you provided in step 8b of my post with a link to a form that asks for information discussed by KhurramAR above (on Nov 5, 2008). I received this email within an hour (perhaps less) of submitting the form. I think it is an auto-generated email.
    11. Follow the link provided and submit this form with correct information. Hotmail staff will review this information to confirm you are the owner of the account. They will then send an email which will allow you to reset the password. Hotmail staff was very helpful and they responded to me within 5 hours. I expect at other times they may not be able to respond as quickly based on their load at the time.
    12. Someone in this discussion asked how to know whether the request from this information (described in step 11) is coming from hotmail and not a hacker, which is a good question. First, fill out the form by navigating to it from the Windows Live Help window. This website's URL begins with The window for E-mail Support in which I describe in Step 8 of my post has a URL of the form: Unfortunately, some hackers seem to be using an email that is similar to to confuse people into thinking they are associated with Miscrosoft. Each time you submit a form (in Step 10 and Step 11), you are given a reference number by the support website. This reference number is contained in the email. Furthermore, the support emails (to which I refer in Steps 10 and 11) come from a domain that ends in

    This set of instructions was written on January 12, 2010. Depending on how much later it is when you are looking at these instructions, it is possible that the support interface may have changed and the instruction might have become outdated.

    Incidentally, the hacker tried to ask people for money. If you ever get an email from someone you know saying they are in an emergency and in urgent need for money, contact them by phone because it may very well be a hacker pretending to be them.

Please Read more before proceed further guidelines to recover your hacked hotmail account








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